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It was a Grizzly Game in YYC

May 30, 2016

Calgary – Triwood Arena -  Today in at the Alberta Minor Roller Hockey Recreational  Invitational tournament a new Battle of Alberta was born.  It was the Edmonton Grizzlies vs. the Calgary Grizzlies, at the Triwood arena.  On the line was not only the right to call themselves the Alberta but the Grizzly himself!

It was an intense end-to-end battle and the outcome of the game remained in doubt through the first period as the Edmonton Grizzlies rallied to come within striking distance of the Calgary Grizzlies.  Short of regular players and not quite finding their rhythm in the second period the Calgary Grizzlies pulled ahead with a sizable lead; claiming not only the right to call themselves the Alberta Grizzlies but also the 10 pound – 3 foot tall Grizzly Bear! Perhaps both teams will enter this years Alberta Roller Hockey Provincials and the crowds in Edmonton can witness an intense rematch. We shall find out in about 23 days

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