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Message from the Referee In Chief

April 06, 2016

Message from the Referee In Chief

Well, another season is quickly getting underway, and with it officiating is ramping up as well! This year is going to be like the year before it, with a focus on rule knowledge, and professionalism. There are however, a few major changes. There’s a new addition of level 3, for Roller Hockey Canada officiating levels. This level entitles you to be in the running for the spot that AMRHA has been awarded to officiate in this year’s State Wars! It’s a massive honor to represent Roller Hockey Canada, and AMRHA at an international tournament, so only the best and brightest will be selected. The selection process consists of filling out an application, writing a State-Referee’s-Decision (SRD) exam, and the applying official will be supervised several times, by a selected few officials that will then rank and evaluate these officials. There will be two “clinics” as to where to write the exam and be supervised. One will be in Calgary, and one will be held in Edmonton. These are great opportunities to develop your officiating skills, and be noticed as some of the province’s top up-and-coming officials. There are also rumors of several more officiating opportunities coming up in the next few years that AMRHA will have an opportunity to select officials for as well, so if this is something that you would be interested in, be sure to get in touch with me!
  Greg Irish, AMRHA – Referee in Chief

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