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June 15, 2017

And the players picked to represent Alberta at the North American State-Provincial Championships are.....


2006 Team

Liam Salacki - Edmonton

Niko Hill - Edmonton 

Toby Simpkins- Edmonton

Jesse Drew - Sherwood Park

Carter Anweiler - Calgary

Alexander Malaniuk - Edmonton

Tomi Ogundiya - Sherwood Park

Matthew Houle - Edmonton

Kalix Monkman - Edmonton

Striden Davey - Sherwood Park


Head Coach - Greg Salacki - Edmonton

Assistant Coach - Andrew Hill - Edmonton

Manager - Sonja Malaniuk - Edmonton


2005 Team

Brandon Hesse - Sherwood Park

Jayden Achtemichuk - Sherwood Park

Hudson Newby - Edmonton

Christopher Campbell - Edmonton

Hunter Harringa - Stony Plain

Brayden Smith - Spruce Grove

Zachary Wilson - Wetaskiwin 

Scott Ragust - Calgary

Tavian Sundquist - Calgary 

Austin Serbinek - Sherwood Park


Head Coach - AJ Mike Smith - Calgary

Assistant Coach - Travis Serbinek - Sherwood Park

Manager - Laura Hesse - Manager


2004 Team

Tyler Michalchuk - Edmonton

Kylow Monkman - Edmonton

Matis Rochon - Beaumont

Ethan Wongus - Edmonton 

Zachary Wilson - Wetaskiwin

Taylor Burroughs - Spruce Grove

Samuel Campbell - Edmonton

Samuel Johnson - Edmonton

Nicolas Mauro - Edmonton

John Sadden - Edmonton


Head Coach - Chris Rauckman - Red Deer

Manager - Tim Burroughs - Spruce Grove


2003 Team

Michael Jensen - Edmonton

Xavier Sarmiento - Edmonton

Payton McDonald-Corea - St. Albert

Caelum Dick - Sherwood Park

Jaden Smith - Edmonton

Conner Ellis - Morinville

Tyler Michalchuk - Edmonton

Kaidn Strome - Gunn


Head Coach - Kirk Jensen

Assistant Coach - Brian Smith

Manager - Robin Strome


2002 Team

Broc Layton - Wetaskiwin

Damon Kiyawasew - Sherwood Park

Bredan Bye - Wetaskiwin

Seun Ogundiya - Sherwood Park

Dylan LaPierre - Spruce Grove

Evan Blackmore - Edmonton

Kevin Minnoch - Sherwood Park

Kieran Harris - Edmonton 

Logan Brown - Calgary


Head Coach - Brendan Baumgartner

Assistant Coach - Daryl Blackmore

Manager - Crystal Backmore


2000 Team

Joshua St. Amand - Spruce Grove

William Munro - Calgary

Bret Hagerty - Calgary

Andrew Mah - Calgary

William Weyerman - Edmonton

Chris Hudec - Calgary

Jordan Rebagliati - Calgary

Alexander Fischer - Sherwood Park

Lane Hartwell - Sherwood Park


Head Coach - Aaron Leisman

Assistant Coach - Brent Hartwell

Manager - Paul Hudec


1999 Team

Jordon Kromm - Calgary 

Jordan Rebagliati - Calgary

Owen Cummerford - Red Deer

Owen Salacki - Edmonton

Nick Magis - Edmonton

Tyler Collins - Spruce Grove

Alexander Fischer - Sherwood Park

Jordan Foote - Sherwood Park

Lane Hartwell - Sherwood Park


Head Coach - Aaron Leisman

Assistant Coach - Brent Kromm

Manager - Ted Zylstra


Congratulations to all the players that made the team and will represent Alberta at State Wars 13 in Taylor Michigan. For more information on the Team Alberta Program and the tryouts, visit the web page

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