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Team Alberta Program Expansion

April 12, 2021

As we pick up the pieces from the lost season that was 2020, AMRHA is always looking for more ways to open opportunities for the Roller Hockey players in Alberta. For the first time ever the Team AB program will add Adult/Junior teams under its umbrella for trips to sanctioned tournaments & events. This is a big opportunity for those players as in the past when the players hit the age of 17 that was their last eligible year. This clears the way for those players to continue to travel to these great international events well beyond their youth seasons. 


The first event for our overage teams will be State Wars 17 in St.Peters, Missouri. We have never sent an overage team to State Wars so this is very exciting for AMRHA. Whether you are a AAA, AA or A skilled player, this program is open to all. There are 3 divisions for overage players, the 2021 age restrictions are in parentheses below. Players are also allowed to play in multiple divisions if they desire. 


-Juggernaut (2000 birth year or younger)

-Junior (1997 birth year or younger)

-Senior (18 & Older)


Bennett Allen has stepped forward to volunteer in this role with the Alberta Roller Hockey High Performance Committee. Bennett has been playing the game since he was 10. As he's grown so has his passion for the game. The committee feels Bennett will be a good fit as he currently sits in the age range of players that are just starting to age out of the youth program. For the last 2 seasons he has personally organized teams that have travelled to California and Toronto to participate at NARCh. Bennett has played for Team Alberta a total of three times, one of his most memorable years was 2019 when he was on a bronze medalist team. Bennetts goal is to help guide and lead the overage players in Alberta to international events so they can continue to enjoy the same experience that they had in their youth. 


If you are interested in playing and would like to register for this program, please contact Bennett at


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