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AMRHA Joins NIHA-Canada

January 21, 2012

Dear Member Leagues;


The Executive of AMRHA is happy to announce its membership within NIHA-Canada, the National governing body of Inline Hockey in Canada for the 2012 season. Becoming a part of a national organization offers many benefits to the AMRHA leagues and their members. This move, makes AMRHA part of a National body that stretches from coast to coast. As a result, this will make communication easier, and open opportunities for more competition.


AMRHA players and officials will now fall under NIHA's National Insurance Program resulting in efficiency of operation and ease for scheduling of competitions here in Alberta.


AMRHA has only been in existence for three years but in that time we have accomplished a great deal. New leagues have been started and nurtured in centres around Alberta. Official training has been standardized by implementing an Official Certification Program throughout our member leagues.  By merging our program with NIHA's, we will now have a premier program to train our officials with.


The next project AMRHA was to work on was to develop a Coaches' Certification Program. Now that we are part of NIHA, this aspect of development will be in place immediately. Implementing the Coaches' Certification Program available from NIHA will mean that our volunteer coaches will be able to better pass on the strategy and finesse of the inline game to their players; making for improved play throughout all the leagues. Players and coaches looking for opportunities in provincial, regional or national inline activities will now have even more options open to them.


The executive of AMRHA believes that the recent move to become a member of NIHA-Canada will consolidate the efforts of all governing bodies in Alberta, to work together, to improve the player base here in Alberta and create many more opportunities for exciting inline competition.


Yours truly,


Ted Zylstra

President AMRHA


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