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Team Alberta Results at State Wars 12

August 12, 2016

Another State Wars has drawn to a close. This year Alberta faced its toughest competition ever at the tournament. All teams and divisions were extremely well put together, there were no free wins at this tournament. Despite this the program was able to rally and manged to bring home an impressive selection of hardware.  We sent 9 teams in 7 age divisions, including 4 AAA teams!
All teams were very competitive in their respective divisions, here is how they placed


Team Division Last Game Final Rank
2005 'A' Lost 4-0 vs Team Verbero Silver Medalists
2003 'AAA' Won 5-4 (OT) vs Michigan Gold Medalists
2003 'A' Lost 3-2 vs New Jersey 7th Place
2002 'AAA' Lost 3-2 vs Ontario Silver Medalists
2001 'AAA' Lost 6-2 vs New Jersey 6th Place
2001 'A' Lost 4-3 (OT) vs S.California 5th Place
2000 'A' Lost 7-5 vs New York (green) Silver Medalists
1999 'AAA' Lost 6-5 (OT) vs N.Carolina 4th Place
1998 'AA' Lost 5-3 vs Georgia Silver Medalists


List of Individual Awards

Team Player Team Honor/Pride Team N.America Skills Comp. Other
2005 'A' Chris Campbell Pride      
2003 'A' Doug Maughan
2003 'AAA' Peyton McDonald-Corea Honor Selected Sniper  
  Kaidn Strome Pride   Best Goalie  
  Luke Klein Honor Selected Fastest Skater  
  Jaden Smith Pride     Gold Medal MVP
2002 'AAA' Damon Kiywasew Pride      
  Braden Bye Honor Selected    
  Seun Ogadiya Honor Selected   Top Defenceman
2001 'A' Jonah Stewart Honor      
2001 'AAA' Maxim Currie       Top Goaltender
  Pheonix Moravec Pride      
  Bennett Allen Honor      
2000 'A' Lane Hartwell     Best Goalie  
  Jordan Rebagliatti Pride      
  Alexander Fischer Honor      
1999 'AAA' Sam Robinson Honor Selected    
  Matt Sparrow Honor Selected    
  Harry Mitchell Honor Selected    
  Nic Zacharuk Honor Selected    
  Jordan Foote Pride      
  Hudson McKay Pride      
  Lane Hartwell     Best Goalie  
1998 'AA' Tyler Bordt Honor Selected    
  Tanner Foster Pride      
  Marco Kastner Honor Selected    


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