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Final Power Rankings for 2017

September 03, 2017

It was an exciting race to the finish in all age divisions this season. There were some good teams that the ranking committee had their eye but were unable to advance them up the list until they played off in June against the stiffer competition.

The U10 teams had some good battles through out the year; Dragons, RD Snipers, Calgary Rockets, Calgary Thunder and Kodiaks.  When Westerns came at the end of June, the Edmonton Jr. Kodiaks were able to beat off the competition to take the top spot.

It took half the season for the U12 Red Deer Snipers Black to pass the Wetaskiwin Jr. Ice into first spot. When the two teams finally met at Western Nationals the Snipers proved they deserved that ranking with two solid wins against Wetaskiwin.

The U14 group was deep and it seemed for a while that any one of teams could have taken the top spot. There were the Edmonton teams; Bears, Misfits, Mustangs, Hitmen; the Sherwood Park Tropics, Red Deer Tour Snipers and Didsbury Rampage who were all jockeying for position from mid April all the way to the end of June. Ultimately the Tropic Thunder finished in the top spot with some convincing wins at Westerns as well as going 5-0 in the tournament.

The U17 division was just as competitive and exciting as the U14 group. Seven teams from North to South in the province battled for the top spots; three teams from Edmonton, two teams from Red Deer and two teams from Calgary. They swapped and traded positions all year until the best four teams would remain for the Westerns; Team United, Edm. Kodiaks and Red Deer Snipers White and Black. The Westerns provided some great games and for a while it looked like it could be anyone’s tournament, however the Kodiaks eventually edged out the Snipers Black in the Gold final and took home the title as the best team in Western Canada

Here is the list of the final power ranking for all age divisions


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 1 Jr. Kodiaks EDM
2 3 Rockets CAL
3 4 Rolling Thunder CAL
4 2 Strathcona Labeda Dragons SPK
5 5 Red Deer Snipers RD
6 7 Edmonton Lightning EDM
7 6 Sherwood Park Spinline SPK


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 1 Red Deer Snipers Black RD
2 2 Wetaskiwin Ice WET
3 3 Grinders CAL
4 4 Edmonton Snipers EDM
5 5 Red Deer Snipers White RD
6 8 Stealth EDM
7 9 Knights SPK
8 6 Didsbury Renegades DBRY
9 7 Spitfires EDM


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 2 Tropic Thunder SPK
2 5 Hitmen EDM
3 3 Bears EDM
4 6 Misfits EDM
5 1 Red Deer Snipers Black RD
6 4 Mustangs EDM
7 9 Roller Hawks STMRE
8 10 Grinders CAL
9 7 Didsbury Renegades DBRY
10 8 Red Deer Snipers White RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 3 Kodiaks EDM
2 2 Red Deer Snipers Black RD
3 3 Team United EDM
4 4 Red Deer Snipers White RD
5 1 5ivehole EDM
6 5 Eskimo Brothers CAL
7 8 Stony Plain Chargers STPN
8 9 Didsbury Rengades DBRY
9 11 Bisnasties EDM
10 7 Chestermere Bandits CHMRE
11 6 Jagr Bombers CAL
12 13 Tropic Thunder SPK
13 10 Chiefs CAL
14 12 Dingos EDM
15 16 Blice Bandits CAL


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Old Mil RD
2 1 CCM Titans EDM
3 2 Solar Bears EDM
4 3 Tornados EDM
5 4 South Park Cows CAL
6 5 Dad 2 The Bone CAL
7 9 Aces EDM
8 6 Sherwood Park Wild SPK
9 7 Buke Hockey BEAU
10 8 Knights SPK


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 4 Backhanders STPN
2 1 Tomahawks SPK
3 2 Revision Rockies SPK
4 9 Stealth SPK
5 6 Blue Devils BEAU
6 11 Edmonton Ducks EDM
7 12 Canadians SPK
8 3 Raiders SPK
9 5 Heartbreak Kids SPK
10 7 South Park Cows CAL
11 8 Dad 2 The Bone CAL
12 10 BP Gunners SPK
13 13 Pelicans EDM
14 14 CCM Titans EDM
15 15 Canterbury Traitors SPK


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