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AMRHA Coaching Certification

March 03, 2018

This season AMRHA will be introducing an online program to certify inexperienced Roller Hockey coaches. This program will better prepare new coaches for the challenges they face when agreeing to take the bench and be an expert for their eager group of athletes. The program will be available to the public on March 31st. All coaches will be eligible to take the certification regardless of experience. The online course and the exam questions that follow are primarily geared to coaches in their first through fourth years. The process will begin by logging in on the AMRHA website registration page. Coaches will then click on the Level 1 certification link. The next phase is to download the socrativ app on your phone or tablet. If you do not want to use your mobile device for the exam and would rather do it from a computer then you will login through the Socrativ student portal on their website. Prior to starting the test the coach will then click the link for the youtube tutorial. Once that is completed you will now be ready and prepared for your 20 question exam. Once your exam is completed in 4 to 6 weeks you will receive your AMRHA Coaching Certification Card. 

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