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Alberta Power Rankings, April 27

April 27, 2018

With Roller hockey now started and April behind us, it is now time to release the first power ranking of the year. With hard-fought games being played all across our province at the end of the month there could only be one at the top of the rankings. So as it sits at this moment in time the leaders of each division goes as follows, for U10 the Sherwood Park Green Machine, for U12 Sherwood Park 2, for U14 the Bears from Edmonton, for U17 the Kodiaks for Edmonton, for Junior the Solar Bears from Edmonton, and for Adult the Heartbreak Kids from Sherwood Park. With only so little hockey that has been played in the month of April, it will be interesting to see how these rankings shakeup in the coming months of roller hockey as there is still much to be played. So good luck to all these teams out there and can’t wait to see how this year will play out.


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Sherwood Park Green Machine SPK
2 NR Roller Hawks CAL
3 NR Lightning EDM
4 NR Coutts EDM
5 NR Thunder CAL
6 NR Broncos EDM
HM NR Red Deer Snipers RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Sherwood Park 2 SPK
2 NR Jr. Kodiaks EDM
3 NR Spitfires EDM
4 NR Spruce Grove Goons SG
5 NR Stealth EDM
6 NR Wetaskawin Ice WET
7 NR Snipers CAL
8 NR Didsbury Rampage DBRY
HM NR Red Deer Snipers RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Bears EDM
2 NR Maddigan EDM
3 NR Hitmen EDM
4 NR Roller Hawks CAL
5 NR Stony Plain Knights STPN
6 NR Bandits EDM
7 NR Didsbury Rampage DBRY
8 NR Brewers CAL
9 NR Pink Panthers CAL
10 NR Snipers EDM
HM NR Red Deer Snipers RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Kodiaks EDM
2 NR Tropic Thunder EDM
3 NR Pink Lightning EDM
4 NR Didsbury Rampage - A DBRY
5 NR Rolling Irish CAL
6 NR Flint Tropics EDM
7 NR Swayze Express CAL
8 NR Blice Bandits CAL
9 NR Fridge and Friends EDM
10 NR Red Rockets CAL
11 NR Thunder Ducks CAL
12 NR Tropic Tide CAL
13 NR Mustangs EDM
14 NR Brava Boys EDM
15 NR Sherwood Park Avalanche SPK
HM NR Red Deer Snipers Black RD
HM NR Red Deer Snipers White RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Solar Bears EDM
2 NR Sherwood Park Wild SPK
3 NR Berta Boys EDM
4 NR Aces EDM
5 NR Kodiaks EDM
6 NR Biznasties EDM
7 NR Nados EDM
8 NR 5ivehole EDM
9 NR Breezers EDM
10 NR Stony Plain Chargers STPN


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Heartbreak Kids SPK
2 NR Backhanders SPK
3 NR Stealth SPK
4 NR Whalers SPK
5 NR BP Gunners SPK
6 NR Blue Devils EDM
7 NR Solar Bears EDM
8 NR Revision Rockies SPK
9 NR Canterbury Traitors SPK
10 NR Edmonton Ducks EDM
11 NR Dad 2 The Bone CAL
12 NR Raiders SPK
13 NR Oil D Up CAL
14 NR Ardent R.S. Renegades EDM
15 NR 4Pac Battalion EDM
HM NR Calgary Outlaws CAL
HM NR Red Deer Reign RD
HM NR Sherwood Park Archers SPK
HM NR Edmonton Panthers EDM
HM NR SG Wheelin' Phantoms SPG


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