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State Wars 14, Team Alberta Rosters

June 10, 2018

2018 is a big year for Team Alberta. This will be the ninth time Alberta has taken teams to State Wars and the second time we've been to Metropolitan St. Louis. For the first time in our programs history, we will surpass eight teams. The nine teams that are representing Alberta have a great oppotunity to place well at the tournament.

State Wars 14 will once again set a new record for the number of teams attending their tournament. Most divisions average around 10-12 teams per group. With a number of teams from France, Great Britian, Colombia and Korea as well as a multitude of states; it will be one of the more interesting years for AB for quantity and diversity of teams to compete against. 


2008 'AA' Team Alberta
# First Name Last Name City
98 Braydon Franks Edmonton
9 Coen Marshall Red Deer
11 Chase Heide Red Deer
7 Kash Kalenchuk Red Deer
19 TJ Paananen Stony Plain
8 Owen Chase Parkland County
2 Kelton Stender Strathmore
88 Chase Gaucher Edmonton
77 Ryan Redhead Edmonton
Head Coach Joel Topping Red Deer
Manager Christina Chase Parkland County


2005 'A' Team Alberta
# First Last City
88 Julien Gauvreau Edmonton
4 Alexandar Malaniuk Edmonton
91 Liam Salacki Edmonton
97 Kalix Monkman Edmonton
16 Brandon Hesse Sherwood Park
96 Kyle French Edmonton
13 Hudson Newby Edmonton
19 Tomi Ogundiya Sherwood Park
33 Austin Serbinek Sherwood Park
Head Coach Greg Salacki Edmonton
Asst. Coach Jean Gauvreau Edmonton
Manager Laura Hesse Sherwood Park


2005 'AA' Team Alberta
# First Last City
11 Logan Franks Edmonton
18 Brayden Smith Spruce Grove
72 Braxton Hubble Edmonton
17 Kris Kalavrias Edmonton
53 Hunter Harringa Stony Plain
55 Carter Gaucher Edmonton
5 Deryk Wynn Edmonton
12 Gage Weinrauch Springbrook
7 Toby Simpkins Edmonton
Head Coach Ron Franks Edmonton
Asst. Coach Peter Kalavrias Edmonton
Manager Karri Hubble Edmonton


2004 'AAA' Team 
# First Last City
1 John Sadden Edmonton
36 Tyler Michalchuk Edmonton
4 Ethan Wongus Edmonton
19 Taylor Burroughs Spruce Grove
92 Matthew Fenton Red Deer
88 Kylow Monkman Edmonton
7 Samuel Johnson Edmonton
91 Connor Dick Sherwood Park
Head Coach Chris Rauckman Red Deer
Asst Coach Ken Michalchuk Edmonton
Manager Tim Burroughs Spruce Grove


2003 'A' Team Alberta
# First Last City
42 Jake Redhead Edmonton
68 Cash DeDominicis Calgary
8 Alex Stromme Stony Plain
10 Aidan Schiissler Airdrie
19 Douglas Maughan Edmonton
77 Jaxon Moen Airdrie
72 Matis Rochon Beaumont
89 Mikail Somji Edmonton
9 Ty Wyley Edmonton
Head Coach Aaron Leisman Edmonton
Manager Leanne Garry Edmonton


2003 'AAA' Team Alberta
# First Last City
11 Michael Jensen Edmonton
8 Jaden Smith Edmonton
15 Luke Klein Leduc
4 Adam Paplawski Beaumont
88 Spencer Paplawski Beaumont
16 Parker Weinrauch Springbrook
31 Kaidn Strome Gunn
7 Caelum Dick Sherwood Park
19 Payton McDonald-Corea Edmonton
6 Sebastian Hamming Edmonton
Head Coach Kirk Jensen Edmonton
Asst Coach Brian Smith Edmonton
Manager Sue Klein Leduc


2002 'AA' Team Alberta
# First Last City
29 Logan Brown Calgary
16 Tristan Hoffus Red Deer
81 Mack Menard Red Deer
37 Nicklas Johnson Spruce Grove
13 Bredan Bye Wetaskiwin
91 Ethan Harnett Edmonton
11 Dylan LaPierre Spruce Grove
3 Evan Blackmore Edmonton
36 Tyler Michalchuk Edmonton
19 Payton McDonald-Corea Edmonton
Head Coach Brendan Baumgartner Fort Saskatchewan
Manager Crystal Blackmore Edmonton


2001 'A' Team Alberta
# First Last City
11 Quinn Laidlaw Calgary
96 Carter Hedge Spruce Grove
9 Bennett Allen Sherwood Park
44 Jacob Lougheed Edmonton
63 Zachary Moore Spruce Grove
3 Evan Blackmore Edmonton
45 Shaye McDonald Calgary
15 Liam Allen Calgary
22 Nathaniel Marusyn Sherwood Park
88 Ashton Lukan Edmonton
Head Coach Daryl Blackmore Edmonton
Asst Coach Donovan Allen Sherwood Park
Manager Crystal Blackmore Edmonton


2000 'AA/A' Team Alberta
# First Last City
5 Tage Fawns Didsbury
77 Cole DeDominicis Airdrie
20 Erran Thompson Didsbury
56 Matt Watson Airdrie
96 Carter Hedge Spruce Grove
68 Cash DeDominicis Airdrie
18 Spencer Scott Airdrie
53 Ryder  Catonio Didsbury
1 Chance Griffiths Airdrie
31 Austin Morrison Airdrie
Head Coach Robert DeDominicis Airdrie
Asst Coach Bruce Morrison Airdrie
Manager Ksan Fawns Didsbury


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