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AMRHA Recreational Tournament - New Champions Rising Up

June 06, 2018

written by Cole Heintz

As the wave of tournament season is upon us from Camrose we go down to Calgary to view some more great roller hockey. With teams coming from Edmonton to this tournament it was great to see the turn out at this tournament. As the First puck dropped of the tournament the crowds had already begun to make sure they were heard no matter whether it was a big goal, an insane save, or what the felt should have been a penalty, they made sure that they were heard. 

As the day moves along and more and more of the games get played out it seems small tournament rivalries are starting to develop. Teams start to bang bodies in close games not wanting to give an inch of space to each other as everyone knows that their tournament life could be on the line. As the games conclude on Saturday semis and possible finals start to materialize. Those potential playoff rivalries are coming alive, and now every race for the puck, board battle and battle for position in front of the nets become that more important and much more intense; as teams need the crucial wins if they want to secure their spots.

Rolling into championship Sunday everyone seems to have different facial expressions as teams who have secured their position seem a bit more relaxed then the teams that are still on the bubble of making it in. As the games play out some leaving without a question and others asking for an extra minute of play knowing that they could have had it. The spots have been secured and as we look around the age groups you can tell which rivals are starting to warm up to play each other. As the fans start to take their seats in the stands, you can tell that each game will be a good one.

The games are hard fought and well played out as teams try to win their games with sheer grit and strength, trying anything to get the edge on their opponent. Some teams are incredibly skillful as if it seems that they have the puck on a string and they can move it with ease. The games conclude some left wondering what they could have done better. The Championship games are finishing one at a time and like any sports roller hockey is no different, the underdogs have made it aware that they want to make their name in the finals and you can't count them out ever. As the games end some have outcomes that not everyone could have predicted showing again that teams are never guaranteed to win. The Champions are crowned, and good sportsmanship is shown by all as they know there will always be another game that they can win. 


Breakdown of the championship teams


Gold – Calgary Thunder

Silver – Strathcona Dragons

Bronze – Red Deer Gunners



Gold – Edmonton Spitfires

Silver – Calgary Snipers

Bronze – Didsbury Rampage



Gold - Shockwaves

Silver – Didsbury Rampage

Bronze – Stony Plain Knights



Gold – Mustangs

Silver – Mighty Ducks

Bronze – Calgary Badgers


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