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2018 Final Power Rankings

July 14, 2018

Western Nationals has ended and we are ready to roll out the last Power Ranking of the year. Lets find out who the strongest teams in Alberta were in 2018. In the U10 age group, the two juggernauts of Alberta finally crossed paths. The Snipers program was just too strong for Sherwood Park in their only two meetings of the year and held on to their top spot. New comer Team Edmonton, bumped the remaining teams down the field as they came within a couple goals of an upset of the Green Machine.

In U12 the Jr. kodiaks surprised everyone and rocketed to the top of the rankings. Since their rough start at the Showcase Event they have been tough competitor to beat ever since. They had a very good showing at BOW but really hit their stride in the Edm Inline Playoffs and that led into their huge Gold victory at the Western Nationals. Spruce Grove and the Stealth plummeted down the rankings as the other U12 teams have really caught up to them. Two new teams Strathcona Dragons and the Edmonton Spitfires had a great showing at Westerns and jumped into the top 10. 

With U14, the Bears lost out in the Edm Inline Playoffs and went down in OT at the Western Nationals Gold Final, because of that they slipped down two spots. Maddigan climed back up to the 4 spot. The Roller Hawks bumped into 3rd after their big OT win at Westerns. But didn't provide enough consistent play this season to sit as #1 overall. The Calgary Brewers and Edmonton Shockwaves really made some gains at the end of the season and moved into the top 10. 

With U17 there were four teams that were consistently good all year, Kodiaks, Red Deer Black, Tropic Thunder and Red Deer White. The Kodiaks have been #1 overall since the start of the season after their performance at Westerns that solidified them as the best in Alberta. The remaining teams fluctuated a lot through the year and into the playoffs. Based on playoff and tournament performances is how we decided on 5 through 15

In the Junior division there was very little movement. The teams have been extrememly consistent from start to finish

The Adult division was a very exciting finish as it seemed Red Deer was never going to be able to pass the Calgary Outlaws in the standings. But they came prepared to play at the Westerns and beat Calgary 7-4 in tournament round robin play. Then Red Deer almost did the impossible, taking a huge lead in the first half against the best team in the AB Pro league, the Sherwood Park Archers. The Archers were able to regain control of the game in the 2nd half and the teams went into Over time to decide the League Championship. One minute in to OT the Archers scored and won the Inagural season of the Alberta Pro Roller Hockey League. After Sherwood Park #1 and Red Deer #2, the rest of the pro division teams rounded out the top 5. The remaining mens league teams in Alberta finsihed out the top 10, with the Revision Rockies from Sherwood Park holding the 6th spot after winning the Ardrossan Mens League.


U10 Division
Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 1 Red Deer Snipers RD
2 2 Sherwood Park Green Machine SPK
3 3 Team Edmonton  EDM
4 5 Lightning EDM
5 3 Roller Hawks CAL
6 9 Red Deer Gunners RD


U12 Division
Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 5 Jr. Kodiaks EDM
2 3 Red Deer Snipers RD
3 4 Sherwood Park 2 SPK
4 11 Spitfires EDM
5 1 Stealth EDM
6 12 Strathcona Dragons SPK
7 2 Spruce Grove Goons SG
8 10 Scraptors CAL


U14 Division
Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 3 Hitmen EDM
2 6 Roller Hawks CAL
3 1 Bears EDM
4 7 Maddigan EDM
5 2 Red Deer Snipers RD
6 5 Yard Goats CAL
7 12 Brewers CAL
8 8 Stony Plain Knights STPN
9 4 Pink Panthers  CAL
10 15 Shockwaves EDM


U17 Division
Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 1 Kodiaks EDM
2 3 Red Deer Snipers Black RD
3 2 Tropic Thunder EDM
4 5 Red Deer Snipers White RD
5 9 Fridge and Friends EDM
6 12 Swayze Express CAL
7 8 Thunder Ducks CAL
8 6 Didsbury Rampage - A DBRY
9 14 Sherwood Park Avalanche SPK
10 4 Pink Lightning EDM
11 7 Flint Tropics EDM
12 11 Wheelers EDM
13 15 Blice Bandits CAL
14 10 Rolling Irish CAL
15 13 Honey Badgers CAL


Junior Division
Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 1 Sherwood Park Wild SPK
2 2 Solar Bears EDM
3 3 Kodiaks EDM
4 4 Berta Boys EDM
5 9 Nados EDM
6 6 Tropic Thunder SPK
7 5 Aces EDM
8 12 Stony Plain Chargers SPN
9 7 Biznasties EDM
10 8 5ivehole EDM


Adult Division
Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 1 Sherwood Park Archers SPK
2 4 Red Deer Reign RD
3 2 Calgary Outlaws CAL
4 3 Edmonton Panthers EDM
5 5 SG Wheelin' Phantoms SPG
6 6 Revision Rockies SPK
7 7 Canterbury Traitors SPK
8 9 Stealth SPK
9 8 Backhanders SPK
10 12 BP Gunners SPK
11 11 Whalers SPK
12 13 Blue Devils EDM
13 17 4PAC Battallion EDM
14 16 Dad 2 The Bone CAL
15 18 Moose Knucklers CAL


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