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Western Nationals - The Final Battle

June 27, 2018

written by Cole Heintz

As Western Nationals comes down the line the teams gear up for one last tournament of our season this is the one everyone wants to win and show that they have what it takes to be the best in their division. As the games get going the rivalries from two weeks ago still burn within the teams. A year in the day each game has its own pressure to where it builds and tempers blow as players start to push as hard as they need to, sometimes that pressure leads to them breaking out into fights on the courts. As you can see the passion coming from every player just trying to help their team gain momentum to carry through not only the game that they are playing but to also help them advance through the whole weekend. As teams have both close games and blowouts the weekend starts to become an even bigger trial of endurance now to see how well each team can play their best game but for how long is the question that will be answered throughout this weekend. Each game is its own battle that is helping each team inch closer to getting that gold medal and with that is the motivating factor that teams need to push forward and to help them push deeper into the tournament. Now as teams are either in or out of the championship games they push now to the last game of the tournament and the one that counts. As the games wind down you can hear the cheers of joy and then when you look on the floor you see the two emotions of happiness and then you also see the defeated and sad look of knowing they were so close but as the day winds down they know that there will always be next time. 


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