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Alberta Power Rankings - May 2

May 02, 2019

With the first part of our season coming to a close, we have now played enough games to be able to give you the rankings of all divisions. This year there are tough battles for first place in every division. The U10 division has a brand new crop of teams as most of U10 group last season moved up into U12. U12 division is looking very interesting as a couple teams from Calgary seem to be setting the pace for that division. U14 a new team to Edmonton Inline the 4th line grinders are making their move early in the season and have the rest of the province chasing. Lets see how long they can hold on when the two Red Deer Snipers teams get on the scene. U17 Didsbury Rampage are leading the way right now but U17 is a very solid division so we expect movement in the next couple of rounds. The brand new Junior division in Calgary Roller Hockey currently has locked up spots 1-3, with Sherwood Park in 4th and a couple more Calgary teams. The Alberta pro league teams take the first 6 spots in the Adult division. The big surprise so far is the reigning champs Sherwood Park Archers being bested in their first two games of the season knocking them down into 3rd place. As we look forward we can’t wait to see how the rest of the season will play out and what intense battles will take place. Once the tournament season begins the big moves will really start to happen

Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Rockets CAL
2 NR Maddigan EDM
3 NR Lightning EDM
4 NR Snipers EDM
5 NR Wild CAL
6 NR Sherwood Park EDM
HM NR RD Snipers RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Snipers CAL
2 NR Sherwood Park EDM
3 NR Edmonton Rockets EDM
4 NR Extreme CAL
5 NR Coyotes CAL
6 NR 3rd Line Grinders EDM
7 NR Predators EDM
8 NR Wetaskiwin WET
HM NR RD Snipers RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR 4th Line Grinders EDM
2 NR Goons SG
3 NR Yard Goats CAL
4 NR Stealth EDM
5 NR Husky Cutters EDM
6 NR Jr. Kodiaks EDM
7 NR Sherwood Park 2 SPK
8 NR Sherwood Park 1 SPK
9 NR Honey Badgers CAL
10 NR Pink Panthers CAL
HM NR RD Snipers Black RD
HM NR RD Snipers White RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Didsbury Rampage DBRY
2 NR Chestermere Bandits CTM
3 NR Pink Lightning EDM
4 NR Wheelers EDM
5 NR 04 Flames CAL
6 NR Raw Dogs EDM
7 NR Roller Ducks CAL
8 NR Yard Goats CAL
9 NR Prestige Worldwide EDM
10 NR Hitmen EDM
11 NR Mustangs EDM
12 NR Team Chicken Sandwich CAL
13 NR Maddigan EDM
14 NR Tropics EDM
15 NR Mighty Ducks EDM
HM NR RD Snipers RD


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Get Tropical CAL
2 NR Chestermere Bandits CAL
3 NR Oil'd Up CAL
4 NR Tropic Thunder SPK
5 NR Toe Bugs CAL
6 NR Eskimo Brothers CAL
7 NR Sherwood Park Wild SPK
8 NR Chiefs CAL
9 NR Kodiaks EDM
10 NR Stony Plain Chargers STPN


Ranking Last Week Team Name  
1 NR Red Deer Reign AB-Pro
2 NR Calgary Outlaws AB-Pro
3 NR Sherwood Park Archers AB-Pro
4 NR SG Wheelin' Phantoms AB-Pro
5 NR Edmonton Panthers AB-Pro
6 NR Red Deer Predators AB-Pro
7 NR Revision Rockies AMRHL
8 NR The Boys AMRHL
9 NR Stealth AMRHL
10 NR Raiders AMRHL
11 NR Dad 2 The Bone CAL
12 NR Berta Boys EDM
13 NR Moose Knucklers CAL
14 NR BP Gunners AMRHL
15 NR Heartbreak Kids AMRHL


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