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Alberta Power Rankings - June 11

June 11, 2019

With the Red Deer Battle on Wheels wrapped up its starting to paint a better picture of where the teams belong in the APR. 

With the U10 division, the Red Deer Snipers have proven to be an exceptionally strong team in exhibition that they were bumped up into U12 grouping for BOW. Team Maddigan having similar issues in Edm Inline have been moved up to U12 as well. Due to these teams showing their strength the Calgary Rockets have slid down on the chart. The new team on the scene the Red Deer Top Guns, showed their stuff at the Calgary Rec Tournament by beating the Wild and the Edm Snipers and have moved up to 5th place. 

For U12, the Junior Kodiaks from Edmonton decided to drop from U14 into their natural age group at the BOW and had no problems handling any of the teams at that level. So they now sit a top the pack at #1. The Snipers from Calgary ventured out of their house league to compete at the BOW and did very well against Red Deer and the other Edmonton teams. They had their problems with the Kodiaks as did all other teams. Red Deer Snipers jumped onto the list at #3 and Sherwood Park settled into the four spot. 

U14 has been an exciting group all year long with lots of shuffling and it doesn't look like its going to slow down until after the Westerns. Red Deer Snipers Black beat out most of the competition at the BOW to take the top spot, however the field of teams at the tournament was so large they didn't get a chance to play everyone. 4th Line Grinders out of Edmonton came the closest to playing with Red Deer it will be interesting to see those teams face off in a best of 3. Yard Goats were not entered in the BOW but are easily the strongest team in Calgary Roller Hockey. Can't wait to see them face off against the teams in Edm and RD. The Spruce Grove Goons slid down the scale quite a bit once they hit their losing streak in league play. 

For U17 there are a few teams in Edmonton that stand out but no one has been able to keep up to the RD Snipers. So they sit #1 overall and its going to be tough for anyone to unseat them. With their strong showing in the BOW the RD Top Guns take the 2nd spot. The 3 & 4 teams, Wheelers and Badgers held their own in the BOW and have been the strongest teams in their league play. There has been a lot of movement in this age group between early May and now. I suspect the teams will adjust again after Westerns
With the Junior division theres been very little movement except the Sherwood Park Wild and the Dingos. Both teams deserved to be higher on May's power ranking. This being the first year for Calgary's junior divison, will their teams be able to hold on to the two top spots for the whole season. Lets see what happens after League Playoffs and Western Nationals
As like the juniors, the Adult division shows very little movement. Sherwood Park Archers climbed from the 3 spot to 2nd. Do they have what it takes to finish the season in top spot.
Next rankings are the end of June and then the whole province will know who the best teams were in Alberta Roller Hockey in 2019


Ranking Last Week Team Name City
1 HM Red Deer Snipers RD
2 2 Maddigan EDM
3 1 Rockets CAL
4 6 Sherwood Park EDM
5 NR Red Deer Top Guns RD
6 5 Wild CAL
7 4 Snipers EDM
Ranking Last Week Team Name City
1 NR Jr. Kodiaks EDM
2 1 Snipers CAL
3 HM Red Deer Snipers RD
4 3 Edmonton Rockets EDM
5 2 Sherwood Park EDM
6 4 Extreme CAL
7 5 Coyotes CAL
8 6 3rd Line Grinders EDM
Ranking Last Week Team Name City
1 HM Red Deer Snipers Black RD
2 1 4th Line Grinders EDM
3 3 Yard Goats CAL
4 HM Red Deer Snipers White RD
5 NR Shockwave EDM
6 NR Mucii SPK
7 9 Honey Badgers CAL
8 5 Husky Cutters EDM
9 2 Goons SG
10 6 Jr. Kodiaks EDM
Ranking Last Week Team Name City
1 HM Red Deer Snipers RD
2 NR Red Deer Top Guns RD
3 4 Wheelers EDM
4 NR Badgers CAL
5 1 Didsbury Rampage DBRY
6 3 Pink Lightning EDM
7 9 Prestige Worldwide EDM
8 6 Raw Dogs SPK
9 8 Yard Goats CAL
10 5 04 Flames CAL
11 10 Hitmen EDM
12 11 Mustangs EDM
13 14 Tropics EDM
14 7 Roller Ducks CAL
15 12 Team Chicken Sandwich CAL
Ranking Last Week Team Name City
1 1 Get Tropical CAL
2 3 Oil'd Up CAL
3 7 Sherwood Park Wild SPK
4 4 Tropic Thunder SPK
5 2 Chestermere Bandits CAL
6 9 Kodiaks EDM
7 NR Dingos EDM
8 6 Eskimo Brothers CAL
9 10 Stony Plain Chargers STPN
10 5 Toe Bugs CAL
Ranking Last Week Team Name City
1 1 Red Deer Reign RD
2 3 Sherwood Park Archers SPK
3 2 Calgary Outlaws CAL
4 4 SG Wheelin' Phantoms SG
5 5 Edmonton Panthers EDM
6 6 Red Deer Predators RD
7 7 Revision Rockies SPK
8 8 The Boys SPK
9 NR Solar Bears EDM
10 12 Berta Boys EDM
11 9 Stealth SPK
12 10 Raiders SPK
13 NR Gus Bus CAL
14 14 BP Gunners SPK
15 15 Heartbreak Kids SPK


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