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Team Alberta - Great Showing at State Wars 19

November 01, 2023

2023 brought many new challenges for the Team Alberta Program. This was the first year since 2019 that we had open tryouts. It was a new crop of coaches and players. There was only one team with a significant number of players returning. It was almost a total rebuild of the program heading into 2023. A whole new generation of Roller Hockey Players were expected to carry the program to State Wars. 

Here are the teams and how they finished at the tournament

2011 'A' Team - The team finished with a record of 0-4 in the round robin. But the record does not describe the growth of the team in those 3 days. The team was mercied twice on the first day and they were reeling. The coaches and the parents did what they could to calm the boys down, then got them ready to play their next two games. They lost to Florida 9-5 and Michigan 5-3. Despite the next two losses, you could see the amazing transformation in their play from one day to the next. They were ready for the playoffs and eager to make some trouble. Their first playoff game was against Missouri, the same team who had mercied them in the round robin. It wasn't going to be easy for this young group. After the first half it was 5-2, and the kids saw they could play with this group. They were no longer afraid of big bad Missouri. They traded another set of goals to bring the score to 6-3. After the half way mark of the 2nd half Missouri proved to still be too much and they finished the game winning 9-3. But the Alberta boys had punched the bully in the mouth, they were no longer afraid and were excited about what the future would bring.

Alberta finished 6th in 2011 'A' Division

Player Awards went to:

Drennan Blair - Team Honor

Kjarten Heidrick - Team Pride


2010 'AA' Team - The team finished with a record of 1-3 in the round robin. It was a tough tournament for the squad as they were hoping for a medal round finish. The team had one returning player from the previous year so it was a total rebuild project. There was a lot of skill on this team but inorder for the group to do well they would need to play their best roller hockey. The team was improving every day, first with a win against Colombia, then they held there own against Southern California in a 6-2 loss. They won their first playoff game against Michigan 4-2 so they were on to the semis against Colorado. The game went back and forth, back and forth, trading goals multiple times. It was now 4-4 with 3:00 minutes to go, Colorado popped two quick goals and the squad was sent to the 2010 Bronze Final. Wisconsin proved to be too much for this group as they lost 8-2. They need another year of building and training before they are ready to bring home the hardware. 

Alberta finished 4th in 2010 'AA' Division

Player Awards went to:

Reilly Mulloy - Team Honor


2008 'A' Team - The team was very solid from top to bottom, great roster of kids. They were ready to fight in this tournament and prove they belonged. Every game they played was a total grind, they never gave up. It was a solid division, teams were almost equal from one to eleven. The squad finished 0-3-1 in the round robin with a goal differential of -6. Alberta was in every single game, They knew they were close. Once they hit a hot streak it was going to be tough to slow them down. They went into the playoffs in the 10th spot having to win to stay in. First up was Ohio, the team they had just tied 2-2. They knew this could be the game but they just had to get the lucky bounces. It was 2-2 tie going into the second, they could not get any breathing room on this Ohio team. Was this destined for heart break in OT? Back and forth in the second half until Ohio got a lucky goal. Just like a typical roller hockey game, before they could catch their breath it was 5-2. Every game was an absolute grind for this team and they were so exhausted by the end of the tournament. They gave every ounce of energy to this competition and the program was extremely proud of them.

Alberta finished 10th in 2008 'A' Division

Player Awards went to:

Brady Berger - Team Honor


2008 'AAA' Team - This was going to be the year, many of these players have now been to State Wars 3 or 4 times. They knew what to expect, what teams were going to give them trouble, they even know some of the players in their division. Coming off a 2008 AA Gold in 2022 they set their sites on the big prize the AAA Gold. After 2 straight wins against Michigan and SoCal, they than tied Ontario 4-4 in game 3. That put a good scare into them. The next team up was Illinois, they only had one win. This should be an easy win, Wrong. They quickly ran into trouble in the first half with sloppy play and break downs in their own end. It allowed Illinois to pop in a few quick goals. This was not going to be easy and they could lose this thing if they weren't careful. They continued to trade punches with Illinois but ultimately Alberta put the game away with 3 straight goals at the end. The team went 3-0-1 in the round robin and finished in 2nd place. Into the AAA Semi Finals, just one win and they would be playing for Gold. First up, Ontario our nemesis at this tournament and all things to do with hockey back in Canada. The First period was slow, both teams afraid to open up. But Ontario caught a lucky break and got a power play just before the half, they scored and had the lead going into the second. Just after the break they scored again, it was now 2-0 and Alberta and our fans were really starting to sweat. The boys fought hard and Noah's outstandng goaltending didn't let another shot get by. They won the game 3-2 in regulation and were heading to the Gold final. Now they were set to play the Number 1 overall team, Missouri. Most of the boys remember this Missouri team from 2018 when they were 10 years old. A 9-1 loss was something they would never forgot. They had revenge on their mind. Missouri has this one player who can be take over a game. We had our eye on him, we knew if we couldn't contain him that our chances of winning were slim. Mid way through the 2nd half he had scored 3 goals and as predicted was the total difference maker for Missouri. Alberta goes down in defeat 8-4. The boys are happy they won a Medal but disappointed it wasn't Gold. Time to reload for 2024. Unfinished business, no one is going to stop us next year.

Alberta finished with Silver in 2008 'AAA' Division

Player Awards went to:

Austin Mori-Goodman - Team Honor & Team World

Noah Parker - Team Honor & Team World

Chase Heide - Team Pride & Team World

Kash Kalenchuk - Team Pride

Noah Parker - Rob Laurie Goalie Monkey MVG


2007 'AA' Team - This was an interesting team for the program. Born from a late tryout and grass roots support, AMRHA was able to field a 06 & 07 team for SW 19. The team was made up of 7 - 07 players and 3 - 08 affiliates. There were 3 returning 07 players from the 2022 squad so they had an idea of what to expect at State Wars. The team got off to a rough start losing there first two games. After the 2nd loss at midnight on the first day, the team came together and had a tough meeting. The group decided they were not going to give up another inch. Every puck was ours, every spot on the floor was ours, every game was going to be ours. If the other teams wanted it they were going have to fight harder than us and we were not going to let that happen. First up was Virginia, after a gritty first half the score was 3-3. We were ready for a win, we wanted it bad. Virginia scored than we scored 4-4 now. Then with 6 minutes to go in the game Virginia pops two quick goals. Are we going to give up, NO. Alberta gets a power play and scores one. 6-5 game, we can do this. Then with 45 seconds left, a bad break and Virignia gets one more on us. Alberta goes down in defeat 7-5. Sitting 0-3 in the tournment with Michigan up next. How we respond will define our tournment. The boys jumped out to an early lead 2-0. They weren't letting the last loss get them down. Michigan scored than we scored, then we scored two. Trading goals back and forth until the final buzzer. Alberta wins 6-4 and are heading into the playoffs with our heads held high. Finishing the round robin with -7 goal differential and a 1-3 record. We were ready. 

Into the Semis against Missouri (white) who finished with 0-4 record. Alberta knows the round robin means nothing, its Missouri, and this team is going to be tough. We don't take any chances, we manage our own end, cut down on the mistakes and we squeak out a win 2-1. On to Michigan in the Gold Final. We already beat these guys so we feel like its our game to lose. Since day 2 of the tournament we've been trading time in the game between the two goalies Noah Parker and Lucas Bielopotocky. It seems to working as every game has been a win or a close loss. The boys have really responded to the new system. Going against Michigan and Lucas is up first. He holds down the fort and shuts out Michigan. 2-0 going into the 2nd half. 12 minutes to go and that Gold is ours. Noah comes in and thats when Michigan starts pressing hard. They score a quick goal and we respond. 3-1 Alberta and back to a 2 goal spread. Then a break away on Noah, 3-2. Michigan sets up in our end. Alberta boxes up. The puck is shot from the point through a few players and it squeaks through. Game is tied 3-3. Alberta needs a timeout. The team needs a shake up, they need to snap out of this 6 minutes of fog. The coaches decide to get Lucas back in, that should stir up some emotion for the boys. The boys shut down Michigan and take this game to OT. Five minutes in Jack Horrocks gets a partial Breakaway and he makes them pay. One quick move to the left and he sees nothing but net. ALBERTA WINS GOLD! ALBERTA WINS GOLD! The team swarms the surface rejoicing with their teammates and the goalies. They crawled back after everyone had counted them out. They had said no more, don't give up a single inch anymore without a fight. They did not reneg on that promise

(picture for story - Team AB 2007 raising the trophy)

Alberta finished with Gold in 2007 'AA' Division

Player Awards went to:

Rhett Becher - Valour Award

Lucas Bielopotocky - CJ Yoder AA MVP

Jack Horrocks - Team Honor


2006 'AA' Team - This team followed a similar path to the 2007 group. The team was formed late and only due to support from the players and parents to put something together. The team was made up of 6 players from 06 birthyear and 3 affiliates from the 07 and 08 squad. It was a very talented group and we expected a decent showing from the team. South and North California were up first in the round robin. Not wasting anytime, right to the strongest teams. We were not ready, SoCal took it to us 7-1. It was tough to watch. The coaches and players regrouped for Northern California. Alberta wins 3-2 and is sitting with 1-1 record. Feeling good heading into game 3 against Missouri. AB started out the game fast, popping in multiple goals. Taking a 3-1 lead into the half. Things were looking up, then a couple more and we have a 5-2 lead with 8 minutes left in the game. Ok lets shut these guys down and move on. Then total collapse all over the surface, mistakes keep compounding. Missouri scores 4 unanswered goals to win the game 6-5 in regulation time. The boys are very dissapointed on how they finished out the game. They carry that dissapointment with them into the next game, and Pennsylvania takes full advantage. 9-1 loss to Pennsylvania, mercied to finish out the round robin. Limping into the playoffs with a 1-3 record and -14 goal differential. It wasn't looking good for this group

Alberta finishes 8th and Colombia finished 9th. We have to play to get into the playoffs, never a good feeling. 1-1 going into the 2nd half. This is a tough game, these guys are really fast, how are they all so fast? 2-2 then Colombia catches a break and they score, 3-2 now. Its looking really bad for AB, everyone is really starting to sweat, we are on the mat and the referee is starting to count, 6-7-8..... Suddenly our veteran defensman Tomi Ogundiya who hasn't scored a point all tournament, picks up the puck, fakes out a defender and puts it away. 3-3 with 3:00 minutes to go. We trade oppotunities with Colombia and we are going to OT. 30 seconds into OT Jack Horrocks makes them pay. Alberta wins 4-3 and we are moving on to fight for a chance at a AA medal. 

Onto the Semis against Northern California for round 2. Alberta is ready we are not playing around now. The game finishes with the exact score from the round robin 3-2 Alberta. Up next the Gold final against New York. Game time 11:20pm. a 3 hour break between games, time to wait. Another delay, more waiting. Gane finally gets underway at 11:50pm. But despite the time, these guys are ready. We take it to New York right off the bat, and there was no letting up. 12:30am in the morning, Final score 6-1. Seven games in 3 days, the boys and their fans are exhausted but theres still energy for team pictures and to raise the trophy. 

Alberta finished with Gold in 2006 'AA' Division

Player Awards went to: 

Maddox Mason - CJ Yoder AA MVP & Team Honor



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