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Level 3 Program

Alberta Roller Hockey Level 3 Officiating Program (FULL PROGRAM DEFERRED UNITL 2023)                                                                           

The Level 3 program was created to take Alberta Level 2 officials to the next phase of their progression. The course takes place over an entire roller hockey season and is designed to push you on your knowledge of the RHC rulebook. It will test your ability and desire to learn the different playing rules that our sport competes under in North America and around the world. The course will also provide training and guidance for you to become a senior official and contribute to the next generation of officials around Alberta. This entire process is to prepare you so that one day when you get the opportunity to officiate inline-roller games under a different setting and no matter what the speed or quality of the game you will be ready. There is a cap on 8 ACTIVE individuals per year for the Level 3 program. There is no limit on INACTIVE Level 3's per year.


Procedure for applying for level 3 program

  1. Minimum 21 years of age and 5 years’ experience
  2. Currently possess Level 2 designation
  3. Provide notice to Provincial Referee-in-Chief of interest to register and create line of communication
  4. Register online as a level 3 official
  5. Complete 2 supervisions by last weekend in April (to be eligible for May travel)
  6. Complete online SRD (State Referee Decision) Test before end of May
  7. Complete additional 3 supervisions by 3rd weekend in May (to be eligible for US travel)
  8. Officials who attain Level 3 certification will receive notification after BOW evaluations


Commitments for a Registered Active Level 3 Official

  1. Complete all required supervisions and send copies to local and Provincial RIC’s
  2. Complete SRD exam by the established deadline
  3. Provide availability to officiate local tournaments and other elite Alberta travel opportunities
  4. Purchase all applicable equipment
  5. Provide availability for Red Deer Battle on Wheels Tournament for final surface evaluation
  6. Keep a positive and open line of communication with provincial RIC


Commitments to retain Inactive Level 3 Official Status

  1. Pay your Level 3 Registration fee for the season
  2. Complete 2-3 supervisions during that given season and send copies to local and Provincial RIC’s
  3. Must complete refresher course by every 3rd season to retain Level 3 designation
  4. Inactive Level 3 officials will not be eligible for international travel


Equipment Obligations for Level 3 Official

  • Roller Hockey Canada Officials Jersey
  • Black Inline Hockey or Black Pro Officials Pants
  • Mandatory Half Shield
  • Black Helmet
  • White Skate Laces


Benefits of the level 3 program:

  • Travel opportunities for Provincial, National and International Competitions.
  • Some leagues will compensate for supervisions done throughout the year
  • Some leagues will compensate Level 3 officials for mentorship of an officiating partner
  • Evaluations by local and Provincial RIC during season and local tournaments
  • Items of Recognition


Current Travel Opportunities Outside Alberta and the Procedure

Vancouver - North Shore Inline High School Tournament (May Long Weekend)

  • Complete your two supervisions and send off to league and Provincial RIC’s
  • Be ready and willing to travel on event dates
  • Evaluations will begin locally from league RIC’s
  • Final evaluations will occur at the first provincial tournament in May
  • AMRHA RIC presents top 3-4 selections to Alberta Roller Hockey Executive
  • AMRHA executive selects one individual to represent province at tournament


State Wars (July 20 - August 3)

  • Complete three supervisions and send off to league and Provincial RIC’s
  • Be ready and willing to travel on event dates
  • Evaluations will occur during tournaments in May thru June
  • Final evaluations will occur at BOW Tournament in Red Deer
  • AMRHA RIC presents top 3-4 selections to Alberta Roller Hockey Executive
  • AMRHA executive selects two individuals to represent province at State Wars tournament
  • Travel arrangements are made and State Wars officials equipment is prepared


International Opportunities (July – September) Administered by Roller Hockey Canada

*World Championships, NARCh, State Wars, Etc.

  • You have completed All five Supervisions and sent off to league and Provincial RIC’s
  • You have completed the SRD exam by the deadline
  • Available for last surface evaluation at BOW Tournament in Red Deer
  • All Officials are contacted and notified if they have attained their Level 3
  • All Provincial Level 3 selections are forwarded on to National RIC


Expenses that are covered during travel opportunities

  • Hotel
  • Flight
  • Rental Car Allowance up to $400
  • Equipment you might require (Jersey, etc.)
  • Tournaments will provide some meals


Costs you will Incur

  • Gas Money
  • Any Meals outside tournament setting
  • Broken or damaged equipment