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Team Alberta Policies Manual

1.     Player Registration 

a. Players must be a legal resident or have one parent that is a legal resident of Alberta to register for the program. (Legal resident is considered someone who has lived at a legal AB address for 6 months)

b. Players are required to register in their current birth year. 

c. Players may move up an age group based on age group needs

d. Players are not allowed to move down an age group

e. If a player wishes to participate in an older age group they must contact the AMRHA High Performance Committee, and the decision to allow the exception lies within that committee


2.      Team Alberta Evaluations 

a. All teams will be selected by the Team Alberta Evaluation Selection Committee (TAESC)

b. The TAESC members will be selected by Alberta Roller Hockey High Performance Committee

c. TAESC can be made up of AMRHA representatives, AMRHA High Performance Committee Reps, Team AB Pre-Selected Coaches, Other Provincial / National Roller Hockey Reps, Team Canada Program Reps, local volunteers

d. TAESC members will contribute to all aspects of the tryouts including on surface instruction, evaluating, registration, team selection and meeting presentations

e. Tryout Block schedule will be posted 2 – 4 weeks prior to tryouts

f. Exact tryout times will be posted 1 week prior to tryouts

g. There are no refunds if a player is not selected to a team

h. National and Provincial programs will from time to time operate tryouts together, however the provincial program is independent of any decisions from the National program.

i. In the event there are no open tryouts. Teams will be hand picked by TAESC in the most open and transparent ways available to them. Utilizing the methods of past performance, league evaluations, references and video footage of game play


3.      Team Selection 

a. Teams will be selected in this order for criteria

  • Birth Year eligibility
  • Position
  • Evaluation Scores
  • Skill level compatibility with that age group
  • Participation at local tryouts

**players can be eliminated from contention for the team by not meeting 1 of the 5 criteria

b. TASEC will use feedback from as many individuals as necessary to construct fair and balanced teams

c. Selection committee members operates in conjunction with the AMRHA High Performance Committee (AHPC)

d. In the case of disagreement between Selection Committee Members, The High-Performance committee will have the final say on the make-up of the teams

e. Players who are unable to participate at tryouts will not be disqualified from making one of the teams. If it’s deemed the player would be a good fit for a team the TAESC will look to evaluate the player through other methods


4.      Coach Selection 

a. Coach applications will be emailed out to interested candidates and advertised by end of February each roller hockey season 

b. Coaches will be selected based on meeting all the requirements on the applications and how they interview with one of the Alberta High Performance committee reps

c. Applicants who do not meet all the required items on the application will be disqualified 

d. The selection process follows these steps

  • Complete Application
  • Application is accepted by AHPC
  • AHPC member will interview applicant in person or on phone
  • If accepted individual will be pre-selected to coach in program
  • After tryouts will be appointed to coach one of the formed teams

e. Not all pre-selected coaches will end up finding a position within the program. Those individuals who make it this far in the process will be encouraged to apply again next season


5.      Program Payments and Refunds 

a. Depending on tryout location or other circumstances, the team deposits are due at the parent meeting or within one week of being notified the participant has been selected. If the deposit is not collected within a week of notification, the participant will forfeit their roster spot. 

b. After the deposit has been accepted there will be no refunds. 

c. Second and Final payment is due at the end of the 1st week of July. If the final payment is received after the 1st week of July, there will be an $100 penalty fee added to the amount owing

d. If the final payment is not paid a week before your tournament starts the registered individual will not be allowed to participate at the State Wars Tournament. 

e. The Current deposit is $400.00 unless otherwise stated


6.      Team Alberta Equipment & Apparel

a. AMRHA High Performance Committee (AHPC) will be responsible for all decisions regarding the equipment / apparel and the colors / designs for any teams participating under the Team Alberta designation   

b. Jersey Home / Away and pants will be provided by the Team Alberta program

c. Depending on which tournament the program is registered for, jersey and pant designs could be provided by that tournament organization

d. All jersey colors / designs will follow restrictions & guidelines laid out by that specific tournament

e. Team Alberta shirt and shorts are included in the program fees unless otherwise stated

f. Additional apparel will be available for purchase by players that have been selected to the program

g. Additional apparel must be paid for in full prior to apparel being ordered

h.  State Wars Hockey also offers additional apparel and jersey orders. Those purchases are to made directly with State Wars and not included with Team Alberta fees

i. Parents/Players will be responsible for any sizing errors on their order forms.

j. When choosing numbers for equipment and apparel, the following numbers are not available for selection 00, 66, 69, 97, 99

k. Players who have played for Team Alberta in the past will be given first consideration when choosing jersey numbers. The jersey number selection will be considered only after teams are finalized. All participants are required to make three number selections during registration to insure a jersey number.


7.      Team Alberta Program Guidelines


a. You must arrive at the arena 75 minutes prior to scheduled game time.

b. Be dressed and ready to play 15 minutes before the start of the game

c. Wear any assigned attire to each game to show the world we are a united Team Alberta.

d. Attend all scheduled activities (meetings, games, practices) arriving promptly, and staying for the entire event

e. Always treat your equipment, jerseys, arena, dressing room with respect

f. Always respect your coaches, players, officials, volunteers and fellow parents

g. Refrain from actions that could result in injury and/or damage to property.

h. Do not complain about the referees or officials. Always leave any discussions with them to the coaches or Team Alberta staff

i. You are representing the entire Province of Alberta.  Your behavior reflects on our province.


Parent or Guardian

j. Always inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others.

k. Be a positive role model for your child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators at every game, practice or other sporting event.

l. Do not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures.

m. Teach your child to always do their best and as long as they have fun doing their best in the process, winning and losing is only a result.

n. Respect the officials and their authority during games and never question, discuss, or confront coaches at the game.

o. Always wait 24 hours after a game or practice to email the coach or manager for any concerns that you may have.

p. Refrain from coaching your child or other players during games and practices, unless you are one of the official coaches of the team.

q. Only team staff and players are permitted in the dressing room 15 minutes before the game and 15 minutes after the game.

r. You are representing the entire Province of Alberta.  Your behavior reflects on our province.


Any player or parent in violation of these team guidelines could be subject to discipline from the Team Alberta Program

 8.       Team Alberta Codes of Conduct while Travelling

*These code of conduct policies will apply to any and all members of the program 

*Program Members are classified as any and all individuals Registered/travelling with the program ie. player, parent, family members, Alberta Roller Hockey Director/Administrators

a. All parents, siblings, players, and Team AB management are representatives of the Team Alberta program, Alberta Roller Hockey Association and the province of Alberta; and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly

b. Members must respect and take care of buildings or facilities being used/rented by the program. Damage or destruction of any kind will not be tolerated  

c. Verbal or Physical abuse/harassment of another member of the program, other teams, officials, tournament organizers, etc. will not be tolerated

d. Horseplay, loitering and creating disturbances in lobbies, hallways, and sleeping areas will not be tolerated

e. Every team will have a player curfew which will be flexible depending upon game times. The curfew times will be set by the Program with the help of the Team Manager and Coach

f. Substance abuse (alcohol, prescription drugs, caffeine, tobacco, etc.) of any kind will not be tolerated

g. Members of the program must be aware that they are in another country and must behave in compliance with those local laws 

h. Any Member of the program who violates any of the following codes of conduct will face discipline from the Alberta Minor Roller Hockey Association

  • First offence the individual will receive a warning or a one game suspension
  • Second offence will result in a multiple game suspension
  • Third offence will result in expulsion from the program 




The following behaviors will not be tolerated; disciplinary action will be taken 

  • Talking back or disrespecting a coach or parent.  
  • Crude, profane or vulgar language.  
  • Throwing of equipment in a display of anger or frustration; outward expressions or demonstrations of anger or frustration.  
  • Outward displays of displeasure with the officials.  Questioning referees in a clearly visible and inappropriate manner (verbal & non-verbal).  
  • Trash-talking and outward acts of pride directed towards the opposing team.
  • Critical, judgmental, or negative talk directed toward teammates.   
  • Leaving the bench area. (Remain in the bench area during games, unless there is an emergency, or you receive permission from one of the coaches).  
  • Horseplay, messing around or silly antics.


9. Team Alberta Overage Teams (Juggernaut, Junior and Senior)

*All rules governing these teams will follow the previous sections 1 thru 8

*Section 9 will supersede any discrepancies with the previous 8 sections, when relating to the Overage Teams


Overview of program

I.Overage Director Role

II.Registration Rules & Age Groups

III.Team Selection

IV.Coach Selection

V.Program Payments

VI.Equipment & Apparel

VII.Program Guidelines

VIII.Code of Conduct


I. Overage Director Role

  • Will control the following  aspects of this program and handle all communication between participants and the 
  • Will Organize/Recruit Players for the Teams until all positions are filled
  • Be a Role Model for everyone involved
  • Be a Liaison between the teams/participants and the AMRHA High Performance Committee (AHPC)
  • Helping select suitable coach from list of pre-selected coaches if applicable
  • Making arrangements for training camp weekend if applicable
  • Helping collect payment from participants in a timely manner

II. Registration Rules & Age Groups (as of 2021 Season)

  • will follow all previous policies laid out in section 1
  • Registration is open to all AB residents who fit in the following age categories
  • Juggernaut (2001 birth year or younger)
  • Junior (1998 birth year or younger)
  • Senior (17 & older)


III. Team Selection

  • will follow all previous policies laid out in Section 3
  • There will not be any tryouts for Overage Teams
  • Players will be selected by the director based on selection criteria and available space on the teams
  • AHPC has the right to refuse participants based on past experiences, unpaid debts, disciplinary issues, or any other reason that the committee may have reason for concern


IV. Coach Selection 

  • Will follow all previous policies laid out in Section 4
  • Overage teams are not required to carry a coach
  • Teams with no allocated Head Coach will be required to select a team Captain
  • Teams that desire a coach are required to choose from AHPC approved candidates list


V. Program Payments

  • will follow all previous policies laid out in section 5


VI. Equipment & Apparel

  • will follow all previous policies laid out in section 6


VII. Program Guidelines

  • will follow all previous policies laid out in section 7


VIII. Player Code of Conduct

  • will follow all previous policies laid out in section 8